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Gamma Iota Boulé Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to improving living conditions in the Greater Rochester Area.

Many individuals of African descent in the Greater Rochester Area are facing serious economic, health, and educational challenges. These challenges negatively affect them, their families, and the overall wellbeing of our Community. To help with these issues, our organization focuses on social and charitable activities dealing with Healthy Living Awareness, Economic Development, Leadership Development, and Advancement of Education.

We provide direct resources and act as a catalyst for the creation and development of a network of strategic partners focused on positively affecting the wellbeing of individuals of African descent in our area, as well as their families, and the overall Community. Through scholarships, grants, programs, and partnerships, we are addressing today’s needs now and laying a foundation for success in the future.

Our Vision is to transform Rochester into one of the top 10 cities for individuals of African descent to live in, whereby their abilities/skills, contributions, and potential are recognized, celebrated, nurtured, and utilized in a fair and equitable manner.

Our History

Members of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity must be accomplished and have already received college and professional degrees at the time of their induction. Mem...

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Vision, Mission & Values

Improve the quality of life for individuals of African descent, their families, and the overall Community in the Greater Rochester Metropolita...

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You can Join with us

GIBF can help you express your deepest values, from leaving a legacy to cultivating a family tradition of philanthropy or honoring a loved one. read more...

Your time and talent can make a real difference in African American childrens lives. read more...

Our scholarships provide children with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. We empower families with both the financial resources and the information they need to choose the right school for their children.read more...

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Upcoming Events

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Recognition Program

6:00pm to 7pm Virtual Event

We plan to host this year’s Recognition Program / Virtual Event on Thursday, May 19, 2022. The program will be prerecorded starting at 6pm May 19th.